I Ching Pendulum Kit

Kit includes a reusable chart, a dry erase marker, a professional pendulum with VIBRATION FREE bead chain and Yin Yang Charm, drawstring pouch for the pendulum, and comprehensive instructions in a plastic storage box.


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There are many methods to obtain I Ching hexagrams. The major difference between methods is the number of changing lines obtained. Too many lines make for confusion.

Discover the pendulum method to quickly get your hexagram(s) by learning to use a subconscious tool (the pendulum) to get subconscious advice (from the I Ching).  Instead of using today’s coin method, a more precise method is using the pendulum. With the pendulum, you have the lowest odds (4:1) of any known method to get a simple and direct reply.

This kit allows you to rapidly get the hexagram(s) by marking the lines on the chart with the enclosed dry erase marker. Next look up your hexagram(s) in your I Ching book.  Finally, wipe off the chart with a dry cloth and you are ready to consult the oracle once again.

The I Ching Pendulum Kit includes:
Reusable chart with dry erase marker for each session
Professional pendulum with VIBRATION FREE bead chain and Yin Yang Charm
Drawstring pouch for the pendulum
Full instructions on the back of the chart
Plastic storage box

Made in USA. 1 year warranty.

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